Four Tails Vineyard is nestled at the base of the Dragoon Mountains in Pearce, AZ.  We are located three miles West of Historic Downtown Pearce.  The property offers breathtaking views of the Cochise Stronghold and Chiricahua mountain range. 

The property is very special to us as this was a family property that was previously a hobby cattle ranch.  We have been visiting the area for over 20 years and are delighted to keep the property in the family.  The peace and serenity of the area is rejuvenating with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and the star filled night sky is like no other place we’ve been. 

Barb and Cale first harvest snippet

So why “Four Tails”?

Our family is that of the four legged kind.  Bono, Bruno, Bubby, and Dash are our “kids”.  Scroll down to learn more about them.  We also have a cat, Smokey, but she’s really a silent partner.

Our love for dogs started with our first dog, “Angus”.  We adopted Angus around the same time that a new calf was born at the cattle ranch.  The calf was an Angus breed and they had similar markings so our adopted rescue pup became “Angus”.  Angus has moved on to Doggie Heaven and we have continued to grow our family by adopting our rescues.

We’ve been intrigued with the process of making wine ever since our first visit to a working vineyard.  The beauty of Southeastern Arizona, combined with a favorable climate, is the perfect place for Four Tails Vineyard.

Please join us on the journey!

Angus was our first dog. We adopted Angus from a local animal shelter. He was a black lab mix and was pretty small when we got him. We did notice that he had big paws. He kept growing until he was just over 100lbs. He was our first “child” and will live forever in our hearts.  He is the inspiration for our Big Paw Syrah.  His happy, silly spirit will live forever now.

Bono came to us from a member of our family who was unable to care for her. Bono is a purebred Basset Hound and she howls to prove it! Although she is a bit shy around new people, once she gets to know you she loves to give hugs.

Dash also came to us from a family member. Dash is a purebred Skye Terrier. He’s a feisty little guy who likes to believe he’s the boss. He and Bono can be found chasing each other around the vineyard during play time.

Bruno and Bubby

Bruno and Bubby are both Lab rescues from the Arizona Labrador and Giant Rescue. We were foster parents for a time when Bruno and Bubby came in. We only had room for Bruno so they had to be split up. Bruno is a very mello lab, but crazy for food and chasing his ball. After some time, no one adopted Bruno so we decided to make him a permanent member of the family and formally adopted him.

Two years later Bubby wound up back at ALGBR.  When we found out Bruno’s long lost brother was back, we immediately adopted him.  The brothers were reunited!  Bubby is super smart boy and has discovered his love of swimming.  If you pick up his ball, expect to have your arm tired out.

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